Tygra, the invisible.

Tygra is the one who can make all sorts of technical designs. As Panthro once said; 'whatever you can design, I can build' which about says it all. Tygra developed things like the Catslair, the Thundertank, and many more inventions which would follow at a later stage.

Out of all the ThunderCats Tygra always was the most favoured by a lot of viewers. Besides this; if there would be something like a relationship between a male and a female ThunderCat everyone mentioned Tygra and Cheetara being these two.

Of course this was during the first episodes; later there was a second female ThunderCat called PumMyra and I kinda lost track after that. As all the other Cats Tygra also has some weapons and powers of his own. He uses an energized bolo-whip as his weapon which is also somewhat magical (since the weapon can vary in size). Using his whip Tygra can make himself invisible.