Sword of Omens

The Sword of Omens is what its all about in the ThunderCat series (at least in the first episodes). Conceiled in the hilt of the sword is the Eye of Thundera. It's a magical / mystical juwel which holds many and varying powers.

In the first episodes we learn much of the sword and its powers when Lion-O is taught the way how the sword works. Whenever he is in trouble for example he uses the sword to call upon the other ThunderCats to help him out (the nowadays classic ThunderCat yell). Lion-O discovers that he can use the sword for many other things as well. It also gives him Sight beyond Sight. And there is of course the nice thing that the sword will come to Lion-O's hand whenever he calls it.

In the later series the sword gets more attention and they are also giving more information on its past. Besides the Eye of Thundera there are more Thunderian artifacts introduced; the Book of Omens being one of them.