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M&OS: Thanks for talking with us today, Mr. Phillips. By all first looks, your new movie, ThunderCats should be a big hit, but do you think it was really necessary to make the new material more adult? This is after all based on a children's program.

AP: I don't think that's a fair question. The original fans of Thundercats are now grown up, and they expect a more adult story.

M&OS: But, don't you think you went a little overboard? The sexual references from Cheetara whenever Liono activates the Sword of Omens, for example.

AP: Um, do you know that we have Matthew McConnaughey?

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M&OS: Of course. And whose decision was it to kill of Wiley-Kitt, Wiley-Katt and Snarf in the first ten minutes of the movie?

AP: The decision was made by a 1-900 call in survey. The fans spoke, so we re-wrote the Thundercats mythos and had the "accident" during the flight to Earth. I think everyone will be alot happier.

M&OS: I personally placed thirty calls to the hotline.

AP: So did I. It was important.

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ThunderCats: The Movie starring Mathew McConnaughey as Liono, Tea Leoni as Cheetara, Wesley Snipes as Panthro, and David Carradine as Tigra opens Memorial Day 1998.

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