This is a page which I discovered on the Internet some time ago. The whole story about a movie is fake. However; I discovered that the pictures below were most likely taken during some 'holliday on ice' show which featured the main cartoon characters at that time. I'd imagine 'GI Joe', 'Jem and the Holograms', 'Inspector Gadget' and my favorite cartoon during that time; the ThunderCats.

ThunderCats: The Movie
thunderbuttonTHUNDERCATS: THE MOVIE stars Mathew McConnaughey as Lion-O, Ed Harris as Mumm-Ra, Tea Leoni as Cheetara, Wesley Snipes as Panthro, and David Carradine as Tigra. Here's a so called press release.

thunderbuttonSPECIAL FROM M&OS! An interview with the producer of Thundercats:The Movie! Also, original design sketches from the movie!

thunderbuttonUnfortunately... The original site which posted this story in the first place (about the Cats and a lot of other cartoons) no longer exists. But the story is a good one if you see how many sites copied their stories believing it to be completely true!