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FreeBSD is an open source Unix-like operating system which was originally based on BSD Unix. The first release of FreeBSD, FreeBSD 1.0, was published around 1993 and the OS has been going strong ever since.

Although FreeBSD can't be called a true Unix system because of licensing issues, it's still a direct descendant of the BSD Unix. It behaves and 'feels' as if you're dealing with an official Unix system, the rest is merely politics.

In my personal opinion the main reason why FreeBSD stands so close to Unix is because FreeBSD doesn't try to appeal to the masses like so many Linux distributions are doing. Instead the group of volunteers which maintains the operating system simply do that which they enjoy doing, while also making sure that they're doing a good job. The result of that labour can be seen when you're working with FreeBSD.

FreeBSD on Why?

Because I like to advocate the stuff I'm actively using. At the time of setting up this page I've only been at it for a week, but the things I've seen and done with the OS has impressed me more than enough to start a full transition from Linux and towards a full FreeBSD implementation. The OS really is that much more mature and stable to me.

FreeBSD vs. Linux

Now, before I come to my favourite section let it be well known that this paragraph isn't about which of the two is the "best". Quite frankly I don't think one is better than the other, just like I also don't believe that Linux (or FreeBSD for that matter) is by definition better than Windows. It all depends on the job at hand, and when it comes to servers then FreeBSD has become my personal favourite. Why?

All in all FreeBSD provides a sense of freedom which is unheard of when compared to your average Linux distribution. Although this doesn't make it the best system out there it most certainly is a way of working which I personal prefer over the somewhat restrictive way most package managers work on Linux.