Catslair technical section

Welcome to the technical section. This is basically a collection of all the technical aimed advocacy topics on the website. I used to have a page dedicated to Java, Unix (Solaris), Linux and some IRC related topics. But since a lot has changed between 'then' and 'now' I figured I could just as well group the whole thing together.

What is this?

This is the place where I share opinions, experiences, fun stuff and common information on several specific topics which interest me the most. Currently most of the topics are either relatively global (with the exception of the ASP page), or work in progress where I'm adding new contents to the page at regular or sporadic intervals. You can recognize those pages by their "Last updated on.." header.

At the moment the information shared here is a bit general, that's because I'm also planning on building my own blog which I'm going to use to dive deeper into some of my experiences, and also use to share some of the routines I wrote to keep this site going.

What's with the Microsoftie approach?

I guess there is indeed a small shift towards Microsoft (-related) topics in here at the time of writing. The main reason for that is because I have little free time and when I do, I like advocating the stuff I often use but also like to use. At this time that's Visual Studio (for ASP.NET), NetBeans (for Java), UML (using Visual Paradigm), MS Office and FreeBSD.

But rest assured: this section is far from finished..