The dreaded screenshot page is back...

This is the section of the website which actually resulted in the domain getting included in a few spamlists. Which is in my opinion a perfect example why many of those lists are plain out bogus. I don't spam, I merely build a website. The only thing I am doing here is showing some minor 'mature' contents from an Anime series.

Even so this obviously doesn't stop me from re-creating the webpage, and since many things have changed I also took the liberty of updating some of the contents as well, hope you'll enjoy.

You can click on an image to get the full sized version of it.


This is the most recent (2020) screenshot; enjoying the versatility of Visual Studio 2019 (community edition) while also watching some WWF matches on my second monitor. You'll also noice that I replaced my 4:3 monitor with two widescreens :-)


This is the recent screenshot from my Windows 7 days; I started using Visual Studio 2012 Professional for several of my projects, and in an attempt to get more experience with the program I decided to maintain my private website using VS2012 as well. You're currently looking at the result.

Here you can see the creation of this very same page in Visual Studio 2012 :-)


And here you can see how I used to maintain my website; back then I was still using Linux (KDE) and relied completely on Quanta+, an excellent website editor.

Even though I currently favor software as Microsoft's Expression Web 4 and Visual Studio for my website designs there's no denying that Quanta was a very solid HTML editor / website designer. Nowadays you get weird errors when visiting their website...


This is the desktop which I used before I switched to my current Windows 7 environment. Here you see KDE with an Evangelion-based background.

I guess its this very same screenshot which created some wrong impressions about the website, but I couldn't care less about that.

Here you see Rei, now known as Lilith, in the process of 'Reshaping the world' as I like to call it. For more information please see the End of Evangelion movie.


And this is my previous Windows 7 desktop, snapped while I was creating this webpage.

Rei has been replaced (but not forgotten!) by Motoko Kusanagi, the protagonist of the Ghost in the Shell anime series, and I think this background fits the whole OS pretty well (blueish).

Linux and KDE have been replaced by Windows 7, more on that subject can (someday) be found on another section of the website.


Can you see what is going on here? Here you see a screenshot of my (old) laptop running Windows 98 and... A Gnome panel? This is a rather old picture reminding me of the good old days.

At least hotbar (software responsible for the Asian picture in the network neighborhood window) wasn't as annoying and intrusive as it is now.


One desktop yet running multiple OS's.

Here you see my old Debian desktop running Windowmaker and the Gnome panel (I liked the combination back then) running Linux (naturally), Windows (the winzip session in the upper left corner), DOS (the Norton Commander session at the right side of winzip) and my trusty old Commodore 64 (the emulator session in the lower right corner).


This is a very old screenshot from times when I was still running RedHat (I switched to Debian when they released the dreaded RH 6.2). One of the things which I really liked about Windowmaker was the support for themes, and so I started collecting them.

Because setting this up could be a little tedious I decided to package them up in an RPM file, here you can see a quick demonstration.


When I started using IRC my client of choice was Epic and because Epic itself is rather plain I used the Splitfire script for it. Unfortunatly both Epic and Splitfire became a little outdated and so I started looking for something else.

I stumbled upon IRSSI, an IRC client which heavily utilizes Perl. Because I didn't want to give up on Splitfire I simply setup a script ('theme'). Here you see a very first release.


Last but not least; 2 screenshots from when I was watching my Star Wars DVD's on Linux.