About the Catslair website

A lot has changed since the prevous Catslair site, and other things just never change. This website is still hosted on a private server, but now running FreeBSD instead of Windows Server 2003R2. The picture on the left show you the previous Magi server which has been limited to LAN usage only. Catslair.org has been moved to the Breve server.


The Magi (shown on top) had a VIA mainboard (Cyrix processor), runs at 866Mhz and has 1Gb internal memory which is plenty for the things I'm doing with it. I got the mainboard from Alternate while the case came from Powerline. Both are Dutch computer shops. Though be warned; the actual purchase happened a long time ago ;-)


The Breve, as shown on the right, is a little more powerful. It has an AMD CPU running at 1800Mhz, 8Gb internal memory, both SCSI and SATA disks both used for different ZFS pools and obviously in RAID. It runs FreeBSD which provides me with a lot of flexbility and one of the key features which I'm utilizing is the ZFS filesystem.

The website

The website itself was initially designed using Microsoft's Expression Web 4, and most logo's and pictures on the site have been processed using Expression Design 4. You can read more about these design products on the Expression website.

However, soon after I started working with Visual Studio 2012 I also moved the site maintenance into a Visual Studio web service project. As such all current design is fully done using Visual Studio. It took Microsoft a while to get things working properly, but right now I feel that VS 2019 is a solid replacement for Expression Web.

All the underlying logic has been programmed using C#.NET.


The biggest changes on the site in comparison to the previous ones are the new layout (designed using CSS stylesheet(s), embedding ASP.NET for the sites behavioural design and the tools used to create all this. My main goal is to use this site as a testing ground for C# classes and routines which are to be used on other website projects as well (the so called user controls).

Of course the ultimate goal is to have some fun building all this, while hopefully providing possible website visitors some fun in reading all this :-)


By default the Catslair website shows all smileys as plain text. You can change this behavior by using the checkbox in the menu to the right, but by doing so the website will store a cookie on your computer so that it can recall your preference.

The cookie will be kept on your computer for a maximum of 7 days after your last visit to Catslair.org. If, however, you don't want this cookie then you can click on the now also visible delete button which becomes available in the menu as soon as a cookie is present. Clicking it will instruct the website to remove the cookie immediately.

Note that removing the cookie will obviously also reset the smiley display to its default behaviour.