ThunderCats revised!

Welcome to the rebuild ThunderCats tribute section!

ThunderCats is a cartoon series from the 80's, designed by the late Ted Wolf. It involves around a group of feline humanoids who are forced to flee their homeplanet of Thundera and end up on a planet called Third Earth. Here they try to rebuild their home and make a new live for themselves.

My website used to have a rather extensive ThunderCats section (in fact; the first website I build, using Dreamweaver 3, was completely 'TCat styled') and right now I'm scraping the bits and pieces together which are still left. If you ever wondered where the name 'catslair' came from, now you know.

Some things are going to be different, but others will be recreated. For example, here  is a recreation of a fake announcement for 'ThunderCats: The Movie!' I once found on the Internet.

Click a character (or section) in the picture below:

Catslair, home of the ThunderCats The mystical Sword of Omens Wileykit & Wileykat, the cunning junior duo Cheetara, the quick The Snarf Lion-O, Lord of the ThunderCats Tygra, the architect Panthro, the deadly

(The coordinates are a bit messed up, I'm working on that!)